The Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management

The Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management 

The  basis for effective data quality management is the CDQ Framework, developed by the  Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ). This Framework has been validated through numerous customer projects. The CDQ Framework addresses professionals in organizations who deal with the management of data and those individuals benefitting from good corporate data quality. The Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management proposes six design areas at the three levels Strategy, Organization, and Information Systems. Holistic data management covers all design areas at the three levels.

Strategic Level 

The Strategic Level aims at aligning data management with organization's overall goals. What and how data management contributes to the overall success of the company needs to be specified and communicated, before the mandate for data management is granted.

Organizational Level 

The Organizational Level comprises three design areas: Controlling, Organization & People, and Processes & Methods. Controlling encompasses a broad range of concepts and methods for measuring and evaluating corporate data using data quality metrics. Organization & People aims at specifying and securing responsibilities for various areas and levels of master data management. Processes & Methods addresses the definition and monitoring of data maintenance processes as well as the development of a company-wide data quality management process.

System Level 

Data Architecture and Applications are the two design areas on the system level of master data management. Data Architecture addresses the development of a conceptual model of corporate data, which is needed to ensure a consistent understanding of data across the entire company. In addition, Data Architecture specifies a data distribution and storage architecture, which describes which data is saved in which systems, and how
data flows between systems. Applications area defines the application system landscape to be used for
master data management.


Note: The CDQ Framework, with its focus on quality-oriented master data management, has been revised to evolve into a more comprehensive data management framework: The Data Excellence Model.





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