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The CC CDQ addresses the challenges for data management resulting from the digitalization of the economy and the digital transformation of businesses. The CC CDQ is a research consortium and expert community in the field of data management. It bridges the gap between theory and practice by bringing together data management experts from companies and academia:

  • Corporate partners are more than 15 renowned companies from different industries that consider data management critical for the success of their business. 
  • Researchers come from leading academic institutions – among them the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC – University of Lausanne), the Institute of Information Management (IWI – University of St. Gallen), and the Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing (ACA – University of St. Gallen).

The CC CDQ is headed by Prof. Dr. Christine Legner (HEC – University of Lausanne) and operated by CDQ AG.

Based on latest scientific and practical insights, the CC CDQ develops methods, architectures, reference models, and prototypes needed for efficient implementation of data management. As an expert community, the CC CDQ hosts workshops and focus groups in which knowledge and experiences are shared, best practices are presented, and approaches and solutions are discussed.

The core objective of the CC CDQ is to transfer theoretical work and scientific research results in the domain of data management to everyday business practice in order to support companies in managing data as an asset.

If you would like to learn more about the CC CDQ or to become a member of the CC CDQ - please contact us.

Benefits of a CC CDQ Membership 

Reduced fee for the CDQ Academy trainings with a confirmation of participation by the University of St. Gallen and CDQ AG

  • Participation in five CC CDQ workshops 
  • Participation in focus groups (e.g. SAP MDG focus group)
  • Collaboration together with the other partner companies to establish the research agenda and work plan 
  • Networking: Access to a well-established Data Management Network 
  • Access to a comprehensive “tool box” (developed by CC CDQ researches) for succeeding in the digital economy:


  • PowerPoint template for the Data Excellence Model
  • Method for strategy development for corporate data quality management
  • EFQM excellence model for corporate data quality management
  • Method for specifying data quality metrics
  • Method for integrating data quality in process management​
  • Method for establishing data governance
  • Reference model for data governance
  • Capability reference model for establishing data quality management controlling
  • Method for master data integration
  • Method for the design of enterprise data architecture in large enterprises
  • Reference model for data quality management software
  • Reference architecture for cross-organizational master data management 
  • Access to an online knowledgebase with publications form the last 10 years (dissertations, workpapers, best practice presentations, presentations of the CDQ Good Practice Award)



If you would like to learn more about the CC CDQ or to become a member of the CC CDQ - please contact us.

Our Team

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  • Prof. Dr. Christine Legner

    Head of Competence Center Corporate Data Quality
    University of Lausanne

  • Dr. Dimitrios Gizanis

    Managing Director
    CDQ AG

  • Maria Hameister

    Marketing & Communications Manager
    CDQ AG

  • Martin Böhmer

    Research Associate
    Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics

  • Andreas Zechmann

    Research Associate
    Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing
    University of St. Gallen

  • Clément Labadie

    Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Tobias Pentek

    Research Associate University of St. Gallen

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