On February 23, the CC CDQ hosted the 10th Workshop of the SAP MDG Focus Group in Zurich.

Over 40 participants from nearly 20 companies came together to discuss current topics around SAP MDG.

SAP presented an update and solutions on several open requirements from previous workshops regarding blocking issues and the integration of external services.​

In breakout sessions, the participants discussed and specified the requirements for solutions for several topics (post processing, cloud strategy, searching for duplicates, etc.). These requirements will be addressed either by SAP or by the topic owners in the upcoming months prior to the next workshop scheduled for September. Although it became clear during the discussions that the companies have very different levels of maturity with regard to SAP MDG, the discussions were very fruitful and led to great results. For the first time, the SAP MDG Focus Group also addressed topics around MDG-F (Financials).​

If you would like to participate in the SAP MDG Focus Group, please feel free to contact us.
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